The Farm

At the end of last week when it was so summer-like, our cows were convinced the grass was greener on the other side of their fence.

Well, it was. And still is.

Starting last Sunday it turned cold, wet, cold, and colder….so their enthusiasm to get to the greener grass waned.

Which was a good thing, because they were trying to get under the fence to get to it!

It is supposed to warm up again this week. So this morning we moved the cows to the pasture.

We made our “wall” with vehicles, to encourage them to stay on the right path.




Once the gate was opened in the paddock, it all happened so fast that I did not get very good photos!!

Our littlest guy wasn’t interested in following his buddies, so Grant used a harness to move him.





I had run back into the house by this time because I had muffins in the oven.

But Addie took over the camera and holding Eliza for me.


Right at the end of the day today the skies cleared and the sun shone so beautifully!

Brownie, Whitaker, Ollie Oliverian, and Otis are loving their summer home.






It has been a great day on the farm.

Freezing cold or not, we just had to be outside.

Eliza even took a little nap in her swing.


My hubby lived underneath that broken truck again, and the boys cleaned the land, the paddock, and spread manure in our garden beds.


Couldn’t imagine a better life!

Although I did imagine Tate with us today.

Hurry home, buddy.

Hurry home.


There is so much waiting for you here.


  1. Kelly says:

    I was thinking about you today as I rode thru the countryside of Costa Rica and saw the skinny cows and skinny horses and talked to the driver about what they did here for crops. Saw a HUGE “orchard” of melons and a large plantation of sugar. I love seeing how other cultures live. I guess it’s from growing up in Belgium it’s in my blood! Enjoy your weekend! It’s 100 here and no clue what the humidity is but this girl is NOT in Vegas anymore!

  2. Connie says:

    At first I thought, oh, no! The cows got out again! Thankful they didn’t escape; Praying your little man is in your arms soon. He too will thrive in your lives there.

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