Moving Cows Rooky Style

Last night it was time to move the cows to the pasture. First we fueled ourselves with Honey Glazed Chicken, Grilled Pineapple Slices, Steamed Lemon Basil Asparagus, and Zucchini Bake.


Yuuummmm! What were we talking about? Oh, yes. Cows.

So…It has been cloudy, cold, rainy and wet. So far it is last year repeating itself. Our pasture is super wet. The paddock by the barn is not. That is where the cows spend their winter months. But the grass is literally greener on the other side of the fence. Which cows can see, smell, and long for – so much so that they will break fences to get to it. Which makes more work for us rooky farmers.

Which is why it was time to move the cows to the pasture.

Are you all following this, or are you still drooling over that plate of food like I am?

Pay attention!

Blake, the manager of all of us rookies, has us line up the vehicles anytime we move animals. It makes a wall on one side and we make a human wall on the other side.




Brownie and Whitaker are like two oversized brown labradors. They would follow Grant anywhere, usually licking him the whole time. Ollie Oliverian is newer, so we were not sure he would follow Grant.



Yep!  There he goes!

Yep! There he goes!

The chase is on!

The chase is on!

Run, Chad Run!

Run, Chad, Run!

Let’s just say it was a good thing we had our two “walls” in place.

And also that the cows are safely in the pasture, happily munching on the beautiful green grass.

And that I won’t comment on how long it took to make that happen. It does look like Ollie is running right for that open gate in the photo above, but that is not exactly how it went.



I wonder how real farmers move cows?


  1. Sandra Endress says:

    Real farmers move cows by turning them out from feed lot to feed lot – but I have to admit, your way of doing things is a lot more interesting. We also had whips – which I loved to “crack” by the way…and they worked well. For a second I thought I was looking at a used car lot 🙂 And yes, I am disappointed I wasn’t at your table for supper. You always were a delicious cook!

  2. Debi Mangin says:

    Looks like “fun”! I love to see how your sweet family works together. You guys are a blessing!

    You can’t post that scumptious picture without the recipes for the anxious crowd!

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