Legions of Angels

Last year during our paperwork chase to Eliza, we came to a point where we were dealing with endless broken things.

It got to be comical, really, except for the financial burden right as we were preparing to travel to China!

I shared about it here, here, and again here.

In all reality, man made things on this earth are SO temporary, and everyone deals with broken things at one time or another.

As we are now in our paperwork chase to Tate, it seems our trend is starting up again. It keeps us from being bored, for sure!

I will have to say, though, that it was not comical when the brake line on our farm truck split this past week.

*Thanks, Addie Mae, for braving the ice yesterday to get these photos for me!



It split the day after Grant drove home with it FULL of a heavy load of hay.





On these hills.

And ON the day that he and Kayla were driving home with a load of feed.

On these hills.



Not only were our precious son and daughter in that truck, but also our precious grand pup and even more precious little grand baby due in October.

Grant told me “Mom, there were legions of angels surrounding us.”

Yes, Grant, you are right about that.

Thank you, Lord, for their protection!!


  1. Connie says:

    Praise God for His protection! Those angels were holding it together to get them home safely. Reminds me again of how God doesn’t remove problems from our live but He does make them able for us to bear. Again, so thankful for their protection.

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