The 411

Blake knows when I call him at work and say “Hi, honey. How is your day?” that there is more to this call than checking on how his day is going.

Smart man, he is.

So he will immediately say, “Just give me the 411.”

This last three weeks the 411 has been an amazing amount of broken things. Daily. Broken. Things!

The plug under the sink to the dishwasher. New one brought home. Grant replaced it.

The push mower top literally blew off. A new part was brought home. The boys fixed it.

The front right tire of the rider mower blew. Kayla took it to town, it is fixed, and Grant put it back on.

The tail gate fell off the pick up truck. Grant tried to fix it, and broke the bolt level. Blake helped fix Grant’s fix. It is fixed.

Grant and I. Both needed a doctor. Antibiotics are helping us both. We are getting better!

The steering rod to the rider mower broke. Ordered that part on line. It is fixed.

The control box on the water tank to our water well. Needed professionals for that one. It was very pricey, but we were SO glad to have water again!

The height control for the deck of the rider mower broke. Blake made a new part for that one, and it is fixed.

The front right tire on the mini van. It split. Thankful for God’s protection for me during that whole mess! Farm & Fleet saved the day.

The passenger door handle on the pick up truck came off. In Lane’s hand. Strong boy. Ordered a new one, and the guys fixed that.



One of the air conditioner units. Was full of black mold. Not fixable. Blake brought home a new one. Haven’t run it yet, because it is far from hot here. But it looks nice!

The starter motor on the rider mower broke. Ordered the part. Fixed it.

The big tractor is still in a thousand parts all over the shop. Do I dare ask if it is fixable?

Don’t know what we would do all day without something broken. Ha, ha!

All in a good day!! The boys are learning so much!


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