Happy, Happy Birthday, Blake!!

This past Sunday was my husband’s birthday!

What a GREAT privilege to celebrate Blake!

We split up for church on Sunday morning because Chad was (and still is) sick with a fever and a really bad sore throat.

We still kept our birthday celebration plans for Sunday evening after sending out a warning to our favorite people about Chad’s illness!

Keeping with tradition, we would have a meal and dessert for Blake’s birthday.

Blake is not very good at telling you the things that would bless him!

I planned a baked potato bar with lots of yummy toppings after many failed attempts to get Blake to say what he would like for dinner.

He texted me on Friday (after grocery was already picked up!) to tell me he would like a baked potato bar for his celebration!


I guess I have this guy all figured out!

Dinner was delicious!

But we like to eat!

Having some of our favorite people over is always, always our joy.

I took this photo of these two smiley ones!

They certainly know what to do for their Mama’s camera!

Clyde and Ellie saw us do that and wanted in on the action!

But I could not get them to sit in one spot or look at the camera!

Isn’t it funny how Eliza and Tate just kept smiling for the camera!!

No worries – NaiNai is a little photo crazy – Clyde and Ellie will have lots more practice, I am sure!

Look at this photo of Auntie Gail and Tate!

Isn’t it adorable?!

Except for that tiny photo bomber in between their heads?!

Can you see him there?

The BIGGEST kid we have?

Oh my word, we were laughing….how did he make that happen so perfectly?!!

This is more like what I was hoping for!

After that yummy meal, Blake had a crew of helpers opening his gift from David, Kayla and his grand babies!

I also planned dessert without Blake saying what he would like.

But we have this every year for his birthday!

Roasted bananas in a honey glaze with vanilla ice cream!

My guy is so easy to please, I tell ya.

I started a new tradition!

Last year on Blake’s birthday we took a photo of the “original” Moschels!

I love that photo so much we decided to do it again!

We even had Chad wake-up and come upstairs for this photo – poor guy!

All of these blessings piled on one bench….I could hardly hold back the tears.

Just look at them!!

I have been rather reflective lately.

A new year can do that to you.

A birthday celebration can do that to you too.

The last 15 months specifically have been rolling through my mind.


Wow, wow, wow.

So many things.

The good and the very, very hard.

Take a look at this photo though.

What you cannot see here is the One who has carried us both through it all……but what you can see here is my better half – the most amazing man I have ever known.

What is asked of Blake on a daily basis….I have no words.

He handles every. single. thing. with more wisdom, patience, and grace than is imaginable.

He truly is a reflection of the One who created him.


You want to know the best part?

He is my husband!

It is my hope and prayer that we will celebrate many more birthdays together!!

And that we will be able to grow old together as heirs in the grace of life!

Happy, happy birthday, Blake!

We love you SO VERY MUCH!!


  1. Amber says:

    Happy Birthday to Blake!!!! So awesome how you are just such a light for others!!!! Keep on shining for Jesus Stephanie!!!! I’ve been reflective too always this time of year for some reason. We are praying about moving and I know you know the feeling. 😍

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