Happy Birthday, Blake!!

Hello, bloggy world!!

There is SO much I could say about the last week and the huge blessings in a significant health trial…..

but for now – I am going to tell you about a very important birthday!

My sweet hubby had a birthday a week ago Saturday!

We finally celebrated it tonight!

Four of our favorite people joined us – and it has my smile BRIGHT and my heart SINGING still!!

We had a DELICIOUS meal of pork tenderloin, talapia, baked potato bar, green beans and bacon, salad, and cranberry applesauce!

Then David took this photo of our original nine!

We had a great time purchasing gifts for Blake!

After dinner it was time to let him open them!

A new family photo for Blake’s desk!

Don’t you just LOVE that photobomber?!? SO cute!

Some chocolate espresso beans! Which I think he has already hidden!

His favorite book series!

And he also received lots of new clothes!

Last, but not least, dessert!

My man could eat tacos everyday of his life and be very happy with that!

I am not sure how many birthdays in a row he has picked roasted bananas and ice cream for dessert!

But we had them again tonight! At his request!

What a special night!

My smile is still BRIGHT!

Did I already say that?

I wanted to write a tribute to Blake like I have done before.

But then I read the one Kayla wrote in honor of her Dad on Instagram.

And I knew that I could never say it better!

I think you now agree that I was right!

What a precious tribute to our amazing man.

I cannot imagine a better life than the one the Lord has chosen for us!

We are blessed beyond measure, heirs in the grace of life, determined to follow the Lord’s leading, and to make the best choices we can.

What a great pleasure to celebrate my hubby tonight!

It is way past my bedtime….but my sweet grand babies and their people were here….and I am WAY to wound up to sleep!

Happy, happy birthday, Blake!



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