You Are A Blessing

As Blake and I continued our drive home yesterday after asking for prayer from you all, we were so blessed!

Blessed with support.

Blessed with prayer warriors for friends!

Blessed with technology that allowed a post to be made, and then comments, e-mails and texts to be read as they were written in reply.

So blessed!

I opened the scriptures as Blake was driving and read. Out loud.

We prayed together too. Out loud.

Then I turned to Ecclesiastes to share something with Blake from a sermon the kids and I listened to this week.

While doing that, I glanced down and saw this verse highlighted….


“Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.” Ecclesiastes 7:8

God’s truths penetrate your soul if you let them.

Thank you, Lord, for this timely truth.

We stopped along the way for this yumminess! Sipped it the rest of the way home.


The scenery was beautiful, even though the roads were SO sloppy.



I was so glad I was not the one driving. Country living is so much more quiet! As we headed into the city during rush hour, it was bumper to bumper traffic, and often we were sitting still.


We made it home safely, and the kids and I had a quiet afternoon.

Thank you for praying with us. Thank you. Please keep praying with us! We are excited to watch the Lord move through your prayers, and see how He continues to write the story of our little man Tate!


  1. Connie says:

    I love how God leads us to Scripture that is just what we need when we need it. Who knew, but God, that those verses that you underlined whenever would be just what was needed at that time. More proof of our compassionate all-knowing God! Glad you got home safely. Continuing to pray.

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