I spent most of the morning yesterday with ear plugs in, but with my heart whispering to Jesus in fellowship!


With a view like this, and my precious Savior to visit with, it was a beautiful morning!

The farm looks so beautiful freshly mowed!!



After lunch the kids and I swam! Eliza squeals with delight when we announce that we are going to swim! She is so brave in the pool and I need to purpose to get photos of her floating around in her new life vest!

Then I ran to town for a good and very needed workout…..

and got to have a nice long chat on the phone with my Mom! (I love you, Mom!)

In the evening it was chicken processing time.

Cause our first round of chickens were butchered yesterday!

Our farm manager works hard to keep up with this farm!

Thanks, KK, for all your hard work lately!


Grant came home early from work to help us last night!

It was so fun to have everyone together again!!!


I was in charge of the littles! No chicken processing for me!



We are still receiving shower gifts!

This one had a toy in it that would make noise when two little people would run through the kitchen!

It was so funny!


Our pile is getting BIG!! Makes my heart sing!! You can still order for another week if you would like to help!! Please, please!! It will be such an encouragement to the Samuels!!


Just like that, another day was done!

Thank you all for your comments, e-mails, and texts!!

And most of all for your prayers. They are sustaining us!!

There is a little boy who deserves nothing less!




Our hearts are aching.

Keep praying with us!

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