Wrapping Up The Holidays!

We have had so many fun experiences the last three weeks, and this four day weekend also did not disappoint!

Thursday evening we spent New Year’s Eve at the home of some friends, and it was such a blast!

I took this photo as the kiddos and I were leaving the farm. Grant worked that evening, and Blake had to work all day Thursday, so he met us there!


We also stopped at the top of the lane to capture the last sunset of 2015. Amazing.


New Year’s Day sweet friends traveled to spend the day with us! Shortly after they left, Addie and I commented that we felt like we had done one thousand sit ups – we were actually sore from laughing so much! Now those are some good friends! They are our prayer warriors, love us unconditionally, and have supported our adoptions so much. We are so thankful for them!!

What a great looking group all the children make too!


Yesterday was Clyde’s baby shower at church! It was super sweet and David and Kayla were so blessed by all the gifts they received!

Here are Clyde’s Uncle Tate and Aunt Eliza all ready to head to the shower!


I cannot say enough about the blessing of seeing the sun shining the last few days! It has been a long time since we have had sunshine.


Sweet friends!






Yesterday the guys had a hunt scheduled at the hunt club. It was Chad’s birthday present! They had a great time, and we now have some pheasant in our freezer!




Tomorrow it is back to reality, but tonight we are still in holiday mode! First it was a rowdy game of tenzi, and now I hear everyone cracking up as they watch the newest Fixer Upper, which a fun show to watch!


These last three weeks have been so full, but such a blessing. The fellowship was so needed! We have stretched the littles as far as we possibly could, and they have both done SO well. The Christmas tree is down, the house is in order, the laundry is caught up, the floors have been swept – and I feel ready to tackle reality tomorrow morning!

Cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for us in 2016!!