Winter, Will You End?

As far as winters go, this really hasn’t been a bad one for us northerners.

It snowed early in November. But then it stopped.

December and even January were mild.

Our snow plow guy has only been here four times!

We have not seen one snowmobile go by.

And then we got to February.

Did you all receive the memo that winter was starting in February this year?

Me neither.

ess1424920610333 - Copy

It has been SO bitterly cold.

Like below zero during the day cold.

I love how those kind of days bring bright sunshine though!

When it warms up a bit, like today, it snows.

ess1424920625089 - Copy

Down in town the roads were sloppy, and wet.

Here on our ridge it was white.

White is beautiful!

Unless you have violin lessons to be at.

ess1424920638084 - Copy

Addie Mae and I made it off and back onto this ridge this afternoon after it snowed all morning and was still snowing this afternoon.

All of these photos were from on our way back up the hills toward the farm.

The driveway into the farm is always the most fun.

ess1424920581863 - Copy

I just kept a good speed, and momentum, and somehow we made it all the way down!

ess1424920570801 - Copy


I am ready to head to Illinois to spend some time with my Mom.

Winter, we are ready for you to end!

But I think you have just begun.


I am supposed to be answering essay questions my sweet husband gave me for some adoption grant paperwork…..shhh! I better get back to it!

Happy winter, everyone!!


  1. Gail Blum says:

    If you lived just a little further north, you wouldn’t get so much snow. Most of the storms miss us. You have much more snow than we do.

    Does this mean you are going to see your mom?

    • Steph says:

      Something about this ridge when it comes to snow accumulation!! We are a magnet for snow. We do hope to go and see my Mom in a couple of weeks – we have a plan if the weather cooperates!

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