Winter Is Here

It is true. We woke up yesterday morning to a white winter wonderland. But did you know it is November? I have to keep reminding myself.



When I woke Eliza up for the day, I opened her shade as I held her so she could see out the window. She looked, and looked, and looked….and then said “Uh oh, Mama!! Uh oh!” Then I took her to the mud room and opened the door to have another look, and she said “Eeeewwww! EEEEEEEEWWWWWWW!” So many firsts, sweet baby. They are such a joy to be a part of!


We decided to embrace the weather and the season. Decorating the house to make it warm and inviting for the holidays seemed a good place to start! Hope to work on more of that today!


On Sunday afternoon we enjoyed our first get together at David and Kayla’s house. What a blessing to watch them open all their gifts. They have been SO incredibly blessed by the generosity bestowed upon them!



It was a great afternoon of fellowship with David’s family and good food. David told Kayla after everyone left, “I think your Mom was loving being here today!” He was right! I was beaming from ear to ear! Such a joy to see the answers to SO many prayers Blake and I have said for the future of our first born beautiful girl!!!







Looking forward to another cozy day with these blessings! It is freezing in here…time to turn on the fire and make some muffins and quinoa porridge to warm this place up!

Have a blessed day!!


  1. Rosanna says:

    well, your previous post did say that winter was coming! enjoyed the wonderful pictures! it would be great to see some of the kids playing in the snow with Eliza!

    • Steph says:

      Eliza is very scared of the snow at the moment….I don’t see her wearing her adorable pink snow pants that she received from the church shower any time soon!

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