Winter Is Coming

It has gotten very cold here….but I hear winter is really on its way this week, with highs in the twenties and some snow! I blinked. And it is November. How did that happen?

The guys worked all day yesterday to ready the farm for winter, besides taking a break to shovel in some bean burritos and stand in front of the fire to thaw their bones. We are renting our equipment right now, as everything we own has broken and is in pieces all over the shop. A goal for winter will be to get everything up and running again – but there just has not been time as of late!






Us girls worked on some winter prep too, with a run to Costco to stock the freezers and pantry, which is sadly over an hour drive away from the farm. Thankfully Auntie Gail came along for the ride, which made the trip all the more fun!

Addie Mae and I have been relishing in this change of temperatures and seasons….because winter means lots of baking, and lots of soup! The kitchen has been smelling so yummy these days!



These in season roasted veggies really hit the spot! If you have never roasted parsnips, turnips, yams, carrots and red onion…you really should. Really. Throw some beets in there too. I forgot.


We always have many willing taste testers….including this cutie pie!


This Friday, during our house cleaning time, we worked on the enormous chore of pulling out all the winter chore clothes and snow clothes to make sure everyone had what they need! Praise the Lord – we are only needing one coat for the almost eleven year old giant I need to quit feeding!



We are still in awe of this little man….and love to sit and look at his photos. Our paperwork’s next stop is at USCIS on or after November 19th when we can file a supplement 3 to extend our last approval from them! Grant is the only one who needs to be fingerprinted this time. We are praying that when we take him (with our receipt date from them) to “walk-in” for those fingerprints, that the Lord will show favor on this attempt. Then I will be able to contact our immigration officer to let her know they are done, and get the extension back in our hands! After that… is Dossier to China time!!!! YIIPPEEE!!! Don’t you love the little tuff of hair on top of Tate’s head???!!! Too cute!

Tate 4 Oct Update 2014

Tate 3 Oct Update 2014

And there goes another week. So thankful we can end each day on this ridge like this –



Hope you had a great week too!!!!


  1. Lisa says:

    Roasted vegetables! We love roasted vegetables! We have them at least 2-3 times per week. It will be harder now that our garden and the farmer’s markets are done. By the way, Chad looks way too old on that mower!

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