While You Were Out

The whole month of October, Grant and Addie Mae are going to driver’s ed class three nights a week.

Yes, I need to fire whoever is in charge of our calendar.

Since Kayla has been moving all her things to her and David’s new place, the girls’ room was looking a tad bare. And echoing when you spoke. Having Addie Mae gone in the evenings gave Kayla the perfect opportunity to bless Addie Mae with a room make-over! She was quite surprised!!


Kayla hung new things on the walls, added colorful pillows, and some jewelry storage. Two of David’s sisters helped get everything ready. SO cute!!







While I was out picking up these-two-soon-to-be-driving-giving-their-mama-white-hair kiddos, someone put a pony tail in Eliza’s hair! Made her look all grown up!!!


Also while I was out at the hospital this week with Blake and Eliza, Kayla was a huge blessing and taught the boys their school. Of course chemistry and physics is WAY more fun when your hands are in a big bowl of goo. Uh huh.




Last night Blake and I were out as the designated grocery and wedding shopping crew.



Today more things are being moved to David and Kayla’s new place. They have been buying things off Craig’s list, giving each piece Kayla’s magical touch, and their place is starting to look like a home!!




Thank you, KK, for the cell phone photo!


Today, I am not going out. As excited as we are, we need to be rested too! We are looking SO forward to this whole week!! Our smiles are huge, but our tears are just as big. Blake and I are so thankful that the Lord has blessed all of our efforts as we raise these arrows for His Kingdom. We are reaping what we have sown!! These children are each other’s best friends, so very close to each other and to Blake and I too. Although this new season of life is so very good…..it is still very bittersweet!

David and Kayla – only seven more sleeps until your very special day!!!

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