When Did She Get SO Big?!

Eliza is changing and growing SO fast!

We seem to be talking about this fact a lot lately!

We also talk about the HUGE strides Eliza has made these last months! She does not seem like the same little girl…..she has come so far!

I posted a video I took last night while we were driving to Madison before dawn this morning. It was then that I saw this video below saved on my phone.

I think you will agree that it makes a great Throwback Thursday post! This video was taken at Eliza’s second birthday party that we ‘sent’ to her in China. We also received this video on Eliza’s birthday – the same day it was taken!

Be still my heart!! I will never forget the impact this video had on our hearts the first time we saw it! Waiting to travel to bring Eliza home was SO hard, but the Lord would use photos and videos throughout the wait to keep us sane!

Don’t you just love the spunk in our sweet baby even back then?!!

We love you SO much, Eliza Claire!! You are growing up so fast!