We’re DTC!!!!!!

We found out late yesterday afternoon that our Dossier is in China!!!




We are SO excited!!!!


The wait for this step of our paperwork was long and hard on me!

We are three weeks behind Eliza’s timeline from last year, even though we received our USCIS clearance on the same date.

We hope to be to China and back before Grant’s birthday on August 28th, otherwise everything will stop, and we will have to have Grant approved as an adult living in our home because he will be 18. Getting him approved in this way could take months.

We know the Lord will have Tate in our arms at His perfectly appointed time! We are SO grateful for the peace this brings!


We would still appreciate your prayers for our timeline. Fervent prayers availeth much!!!

Please pray with us!!! Our hearts are to have Tate home!!!

Thank you, David and Kayla, for the adorable photos!


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