Weekend Fun!

This Saturday felt like the most normal Saturday we have had in a long time.

Ah, the good ol’ days!

There was farm work that needed done, the stove that needed repaired, more winter cleaning that needed done inside, and a farm planning meeting to be had.

Which brought our farm manager and her amazing man to the farm!

They are adorable even when covered in barn dust, don’t you think?






All this work going on meant that Addie Mae and I were to feed the masses.

And by the masses, I mean Grant, and then the rest of the family!

My poor red stoneware pot was not big enough for the job, and had to sit on the back burner. I am here to tell you though, that I love my red stoneware pot very much….it keeps whatever is in it hot for a long time.


I still love making soup. And eating soup. And everything about soup. Yep!

Thai Peanut Soup is a favorite around here!


There was some pumpkin bread and fruit stew to go along.



After all the work and farm planning was done, Blake took Grant, Addie, and Chad skiing! David went along too.


They had a rough start….but once they got everyone going things got better! Of course Grant had a two minute lesson and then was headed down the black slopes with friends. Crazy kid!





Needless to say, they all slept very good Saturday night!


I relished in my time alone with the littles! We had so much fun! The stories of the bigs time they had skiing are hilarious! They had so much fun too!

When I mentioned to Blake that I was just slightly jealous that I wasn’t swooshing down those slopes with him, he told me we would go skiing on our next date night! Now, folks, that is a REAL date!!! I grew up skiing, and so I can’t wait!

Hope your Saturday was great too! In a very normal kind of way!!