Wednesday in Hohhot

It has been a beautiful day here on the farm!

The kiddos and I have worked hard today after school, but we enjoyed being outside so much!

My three guys had a good day on their Wednesday too!

Thankfully, they got to get out for part of the day and enjoy some of Hohhot!!

First they visited a museum.

I think this is the outside of the museum! I may have to update some of these blog posts once they are home!

 photo IMG_8868_zpssnees4py.jpg

 photo IMG_8862_zpsz7zorowo.jpg

 photo IMG_8869_zpso7umqjm9.jpg

 photo IMG_8871_zpscb2ur1je.jpg

 photo IMG_8876_zpswdz2u1m5.jpg

 photo IMG_8882_zps3vccmlru.jpg

 photo IMG_8884_zpsmznwqts5.jpg

They did not stay there because it was making Tate very afraid.

They also did some shopping and got to see some authentic crafts being made.

Like these beautiful scarves!

 photo IMG_8851_zpsm6bhnxl5.jpg

Tate took a little snooze in the van. This photo made my heart skip a beat.

 photo IMG_8896_zpso09u9zj7.jpg

The best part of the day was enjoying a Mongolian Hot Pot restaurant. All three of the guys thought it was delicious!!

 photo IMG_8900_zpsgkk7fsui.jpg

 photo IMG_8904_zpst5dyfu1d.jpg

 photo IMG_8903_zpsi4cxgr9i.jpg

 photo IMG_8902_zpsvhwjrdbx.jpg

 photo IMG_8905_zpsmutjmhpt.jpg

Tate is doing very well!! We are just praising the Lord at how well he is sleeping, how he is trusting his Baba 100%, how he is using the potty and not having any accidents, how all the new foods have not upset his tummy at all, how he will wear any clothes Blake has put on him and is excited to do so, how much he loves taking a bath and swimming, and how well he is able to communicate his needs with the language barrier.

Our sweet Tate is one amazing little boy. We are totally smitten.

Our cheerful young warrior!!!

Tate is starting to understand some phrases. His favorite is the same one that was Eliza’s favorite. “Let’s go bye-bye!” He races for his backpack that I sent for him, fills it with all he needs, and gets his shoes. It is so sweet!!

 photo IMG_8910_zpsvqrun3ea.jpg

The guys have one more full day in Hohhot before they fly to Guangzhou on Friday morning. It is a three hour flight and will bring a lot of change for Tate. He will no longer have anyone who can speak his language. He will be in a whole new hotel, new room, and new bed. The food will be different as well. Please pray for our sweet baby boy. I wish his new forever did not have to start with so much heart ache!

Blake and I kind of had a mini meltdown this morning. We miss each other so much it hurts. Of course the Lord showed up in mighty ways for me today. A package for Tate came in the mail. David came over before he headed to work to do some things for us. A super sweet adoptive mama friend is writing to me many times a day on e-mail. Another sister-in-Christ sent support my favorite way – through the snail mail! Call me old fashioned, but I love getting snail mail. And this sweet friend has the most beautiful handwriting I have ever seen.

The Lord also gave me the great idea to get Eliza’s photo book out that we had sent to her in China! She was SO HAPPY! She has carried it around ALL day, and talks about how Tate and her are going to play with their books, and how she is going to show Tate her book on the “puter!”



Our day here on the farm is wrapping up as the guys new day is starting. I can’t wait till they are awake and we can visit on Skype!!

We are going to scrub the farm dirt off of everyone here, heat up some “must-go,” (Our name for leftovers! Everything must go!), and snuggle in for the night.

The windows are open, there is a wonderful cool breeze, and I know the guys can see the same sun and moon that we are seeing here!!

 photo IMG_8915_zpskjymtlln.jpg


  1. Sandra Endress says:

    Ok, that mongolian hot pot restaurant looks fabulous…especially since mongolian beef is my favorite Chinese food, ever. And since when does that cute Korean boy know how to use chopsticks so fluently?

  2. Kirstin says:

    Oh, we just cannot wait for new posts and enjoy each one so much! We are praising God with you about how well Tate is doing and also will be praying forward into his time in GZ. Love you guys!

  3. Michelle says:

    I have been out of town the entire time this has been taking place, and have gone nuts until I could come read your blog! I have been praying; I am so excited with you and for you; you all continue in our prayers! The kids have been right near me reading all of your updates, and are excited for you all too–watching God’s answers to prayers is exciting! We love you! and miss you!

    • Steph says:

      I got worried about you yesterday, so I am glad to know you were out of town!! Thanks for your prayers!! Love you and miss you all too!!

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