Wednesday in Guangzhou

First things first!

Just for your viewing pleasure….and to make you smile!

Did you notice that “Good Morning, Mama!” at the very end?! Right after I stopped the video, Tate then said, “Love you, Mama!”


I took that video just a bit ago while we were visiting on Skype! The guys were just starting their Thursday…..and they will be starting their LONG journey home at about 4 p.m. their time – which is 3 a.m. tomorrow morning for us!


Ok then.

Now back to the guys Wednesday…..

At Tate’s choice, they headed to the zoo! One other family joined them as well.

 photo IMG_9370_zpsr9v19yk7.jpg

 photo IMG_9357_zpsxvd8gqeu.jpg

 photo IMG_9352_zpss8on6slj.jpg

 photo IMG_9389_zpsoiu6im13.jpg

 photo IMG_9405_zpslonxubnw.jpg

 photo IMG_9409_zpseg6a7lik.jpg

 photo IMG_9416_zpsmcqr7jvg.jpg

 photo IMG_9417_zps4at5bzjr.jpg

 photo IMG_9373_zps670suyke.jpg

 photo IMG_9422_zpsnpvvssdx.jpg

These photos are from their evening dinner at Tekila’s. It is one of the favorite places for adoptive families to eat out! Yummy Mexican food in Guangzhou, China!

 photo IMG_9426_zpsayn779o6.jpg

 photo IMG_9428_zpsl03py0px.jpg

 photo IMG_9429_zpsfatwmkak.jpg

 photo IMG_9431_zpsethzs7a9.jpg

The guys also received the much anticipated packet of paperwork and Tate’s visa!!! Praise, praise!! After last year’s visa mess, we were extra thankful that everything went as planned!!

This envelope will make Tate a U.S. Citizen once he lands in Los Angeles Thursday evening!

 photo IMG_9432_zpsqjxlrprn.jpg

The excitement on Skype this evening was pretty HUGE! There is so much going through my mind right now….so much praise, such a spirit of thankfulness, and complete AWE over all the Lord has trusted Blake and I with. Tate is the most amazing four year old, and we are so privileged to be his Baba and Mama!!

Did you hear the news??!! My three guys are just about to be on their way HOME!!!!

Let’s pray them the whole way here, OK?!


  1. Gail says:

    Oh Stephanie. How exciting. He is definitely a Moschel. Poor Blake looks like he misses you terribly. Even through the giggles it looks like he wants to cry for longing for you.

    Just one more sleep for you!

  2. Aunt Tracy says:

    This post is getting some serious repeat views! What an adorable laugh!!! And we could understand his “Good morning, Mama” at the end!

    Where are they on the flight path?

    • Steph says:

      Well, you would think a King, a second king, and a prince were coming home tomorrow the way we are acting around here!!!! They left Guangzhou at 9:30 p.m. their time, which was 8:30 a.m. our time this morning. I was able to receive a text from Blake saying they were waiting on the plane at the gate, and it was on time, and they were all well!! Praise!! Should be landing in LA at 10 p.m. our time tonight!

  3. Kristen says:

    So so much to PRAISE GOD for in this post. That video is just darling. What a boy! Tate you are amazing! Thank you Dear Lord! But lemme say Stephanie after our experience last year, the sight of that brown envelope bring tears to my eyes! They are coming HOME! And on schedule! Praise God! I can’t wait! Love you all so much! God bless you.

    • Steph says:

      We have been in an endless state of PRAISE. Glory be to the Lord! Um, yeah, that envelope brought Blake and I both to tears too. They are coming HOME!!!!! Love you all so much too!!!

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