Washie, Washie

I am loving Eliza’s vocabulary these days.

She certainly has a language of her own!

She calls her bath time, which has not been in the bathtub since her surgery because of her wound, “washie, washie.”

Kind of makes sense, don’t you think?


Another favorite is “no wanna!”

She says this when she does not, and I mean does NOT, want something.

With both of her hands waving back and forth at the same time.

It certainly gets her point across.


I also love that she still calls Addie Mae “Jie, Jie.”

Unless she is mad at her, and then she is “ADDIE!”


One of her favorite things to say is “have that.”

Over and over and over again until you let her “have that,” whatever it may be.


Out of the blue the other day she started calling Blake “Baba” again.

She has not done that since we were first home from China!

He has been “Daddy” for months now.


Her therapists were amazed at her language skills.

Her doctors were amazed too.

We hear it all the time – “It just seems like she has ALWAYS been a part of your family!”

Well, yes, it does.

Can’t remember life before you, Eliza Claire!

To God be the glory!


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