UW Madison

Our trip to UW Madison (American Family Children’s Hospital) and Eliza’s appointments this past Wednesday went very well!

We were thankful for a 9 a.m. start time because that gave us a 6 a.m. departure time from home. We have left home as early as 3:45 a.m. for appointment days before!

Eliza was very excited to have her Daddy and Mommy all to herself! She also was excited because her big sissy, Kayla, had a care package for her that we stopped and picked up as we drove by David and Kayla’s place!

We read books, played busy bags, and played stickers on the ride to Madison.


Once we arrived and checked in at the diagnostic center, we headed to the playroom to get some fun toys!

Then a nurse took us to the procedure room, and commented right away about Eliza’s disposition – because in her notes it said that last time we had this test done in March, Eliza was very upset and crying before we even got into the procedure room.

We had already brushed Eliza’s skin a couple of times that morning before we arrived, but we did it one more time and also rocked her in the rocking chair before things got started.

No shock to us that Eliza was full of smiles and had so many words!!

Good job, sweet baby!!




We asked for the sleepy medicine to be ordered in a different form than they normally use – a form that would not have the red dye in it. Eliza reacts negatively to dyes – and we need to make sure she does not get them in medications.

They were able to order the IV form of the medication, and then mix it with a little bit of apple juice to make it taste better.

She drank it down without a blink!

When the nurse took Eliza’s vitals, instead of screaming and flailing like in the past, Eliza would say things like “I can’t like that, it is too scary!” “I don’t want that on my finger – it will be scratchy!” We were able to talk softly to Eliza to reassure her about everything that was happening and she remained very calm!




The procedure took about two hours. The child life gal was there with things to keep Eliza entertained, and Eliza did SO well!

We also had an appointment to see the urologist. Blake and I learned a lot about what lifetime care will look like for Eliza – and I now feel like we have such a good understanding of the routine care Eliza will need. So thankful!!

We stopped in the lobby to eat lunch out of our cooler (thanks, Addie Mae!). Eliza still did not have her sea legs back. Because we did not put her shoes on, she did not want to get down off the couch anyway, which worked out great!


Of course we made a stop at the Co-op to grab some treats, and then headed back home. We had a snowy drive on the way there, and were glad that the roads were clear on the way home!

We get to do this all over again with Tate on December 28th! We are starting to confuse the doctors, nurses, and child life specialists when they think they remember us but we show up with a different child!

We are so incredibly thankful for AFCH and everyone that takes care of Tate and Eliza!


  1. Connie says:

    Praise God for all the changes for the better in this sweetie! Praying Tate will do well when it is his turn. I haven’t been on here for a while, so was very excited to see so many photos, etc. May God bless you and your babies with lots of extra special care and provision.

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