Tuesday in Hohhot

My three guys had another good day today!

They met the guide at 9:30 to finalize Tate’s adoption!

They did this in a conference room at the hotel.

 photo IMG_8815_zps9dneenev.jpg

Tate likes to leave the room, and is not overwhelmed by it at all!

 photo IMG_8825_zpsdvjk9tvw.jpg

 photo IMG_8827_zpsyzg5oywk.jpg

And he is a charmer!

 photo IMG_8821_zpsdunqtoqf.jpg

 photo IMG_8822_zps8oxvrhry.jpg

 photo IMG_8830_zpsoo9jssq5.jpg

 photo IMG_8820_zpsuzqp8l5u.jpg

The gal who brought Tate to Blake and Grant on Monday had a traditional Chinese outfit for him today!

She dressed him in it!

What a beautiful gift!!

 photo IMG_8816_zpsl8f2pcr2.jpg

The paperwork process for the first week is almost done! Praise!

Thankfully, the guys got to get out for a little while. They were taken to Starbucks to buy the only thing I requested for them to buy while in China!


Starbucks photo IMG_8847_zps6vrydsmy.jpg

Starucks photo IMG_8843_zpsis4oattx.jpg

They got a glimpse of the city.

 photo IMG_8839_zpscgxyaixd.jpg

 photo IMG_8838_zpsncadejls.jpg

 photo IMG_8836_zpsghpxecuv.jpg

 photo IMG_8841_zpscnrv9ecc.jpg

downtown Hohhot photo IMG_8846_zpsjqjre89t.jpg

And had lunch at Pizza Hut!

pizza hut photo IMG_8834_zpsiikqjs47.jpg

Blake and Grant took Tate to the pool in the afternoon! He loved the hot tub, which wasn’t hot at all. The pool was freezing so they played in the hot tub the whole time!

We spend as much time on Skype as we can! Tate calls me Mama every time!! And always has something to show me!

Eliza was SO excited to meet Tate for the first time! That is why Tate has his photo book out again….he had to find Eliza in the photo book to show us!

 photo IMG_8813_zpsj3yzvpro.jpg






As expected, Tate was more emotional today. So much change for one little boy. We want him to grieve, as that is a very important part of his transition.

We were visiting on Skype as Tuesday was coming to a close for the guys. They had tried to go downstairs to the restaurant for dinner, but were not able to stay. The restaurant manager has befriended Blake and Grant, saw that they needed to leave, quickly asked what they wanted to eat, and then sent it up to their room for them!

While they waited, Blake asked Tate if he wanted a bath by pointing to the tub. Tate ran to his backpack, grabbed the toy boat I had sent for him, stripped out of his clothes on his own in two seconds flat and jumped in that tub!! He splashed and played (and got washed!) while they waited for their dinner to arrive.

Tate ate a whole bowl of congee and half a bowl of noodles! Then all the pickles off Blake and Grant’s hamburgers and some of their French fries. Tate also filled his hand with French fries and then laid them under the computer screen to share with me. Precious boy, I love you so much!

My guys are very tired, and I encouraged them to ALL go to sleep early. They did, and got a great nights sleep. Tate still wanted to sleep in the crib, but he wants his Baba very near by.

We just spent a fantastic hour on Skype with them as they started their Wednesday, and Tate had us all cracking up! He is such a sweetheart! And fits in with this crazy crew already!!

Thank you for your continued prayers for my three guys!!


  1. Lisa says:

    Bekah and I just oohed and aaahed over your post. We are especially glad that Grant actually made it in front of the camera AND that he got to eat Pizza Hut. THAT doesn’t happen very often. He has to go all the way to China to get gluten pizza!! Ben may have to go to China. 🙂 We are very glad to see how Tate is doing. Praying for a smooth transition for him (and Eliza). Love you all.

  2. Connie says:

    Thank you, Lord, for Skype! So amazing that you can “be there” with them in this way. I tear up every time you mention Tate’s sharing with you. Love his caring heart. So sweet! Continuing to pray.

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