Together Again

We arrived home around 5:30 p.m. yesterday to a warm meal and lots of love.

Thank you, Kayla, for capturing these sweet photos!



We had a hard long ride home……


but are so glad to be here.


We have had a good night’s sleep – praise the Lord! Eliza and I were up only once for pain meds.


I have been laying awake for awhile now, having a little chat with Jesus….asking for the strength for these days ahead. My heart is strong, but my body is weary.

Everyone is still sleeping (including Blake, who seems to have the flu as of late last night)…..and the stillness of this place we call HOME is a balm to my soul.

Thank you ALL for your support…the texts, e-mails, phone messages, comments and most of all your prayers. You have blessed us so much.


  1. Lisa says:

    Praying for you, Sweet Friend. For your physical strength, mental strength, emotional strength. For comical relief in the house, for sweet memories through the struggle, for health to all who dwell in your midst, for continued reliance on our All Powerful, Ever Faithful God. I love you all.

  2. Kirstin says:

    Praying for strength and stamina for you all. Praying he will fill you and use you to do all he has put before you. Standing with you and holding you up to Him… so glad you are HOME.

  3. Billie says:

    So glad to hear that you are all home safe and sound! Home is where the best healing takes place anyway. Will pray for strength for all of you:)
    Many blessings to you all.

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