Ok, then. About Eliza’s MRI.

Today was hard.

Wanted to be this super strong “we chose this” Mama…..

but the silent tears still fell, I am here to say.

Because I have the same Mama’s heart for this child that I have for each of my other children.

A heart filled with love.

And it is hard to see them go through hard things.


Today was also good.

Blake and I are learning how to be advocates for this sweet baby.

When we asked for sleepy medication before the IV insertion, they listened.

But it didn’t work. And then they had trouble getting the IV in.

Eliza was put through a lot as they kept trying to get that IV started.

But once the IV was in and Eliza was finally asleep, Blake and I were able to say that this is not how it is going to go next time.

We asked for her chart to be noted that she needs a different administration of sleepy medicine. One that will work.

Which is the beginning of the road of advocacy for Eliza, who will have her share of doctor’s appointments, pokes, surgeries, x-rays and the like through the years.

So today was very good. We walked away from today very, very thankful that the Lord chose us.

we meet with Eliza’s doctor on Thursday morning to hear the results of the MRI


    • Steph says:

      She is healing quickly! Did not use the crutches at all today! There is still swelling, and we are being diligent with the ice. Thanks for your prayers!

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