Praise the Lord for answered prayers!

Today could not have went ANY better than it did.

Hello Mr. Dimples in your cute pjs!!


Tate was a superhero – absolutely leaves my mouth hanging open.

We had to wake him while it was still dark and put him straight in the van.

He was not allowed to eat or drink.

He only asked twice, and we distracted him quickly and all was GOOD!


We also took along a little buddy and blessed distraction for Tate’s Mama and Baba.


The Child Life gal’s at our hospital (and at UW in Madison) are AMAZING.

She kept Tate distracted, happily playing with a new pile of loot.

Here he has numbing medication on three spots for IV insertion!



We used google translate, and a new stuffed lion to tell and show Tate what was going to happen to him to get an IV.

The Child Life gal also pulled out an Ipad for that time.

It went GREAT. Tate would look over at his hand they were messing with and say his famous “Awwww!” a couple of times, but he really could not feel too much because they had numbed it.



We watched him fall asleep and then headed out to wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Praise the Lord for Lane.

His child-like enthusiasm for life is contagious.

I hope other people at that hospital today caught some of it!


We wandered, ate our food from home in the cafeteria, played lots of cards, and read books.


Finally they came and said it was time to see Tate wake-up!

Tate ate a whole yogurt, a whole banana, and a cup of bunny crackers in about two minutes flat!

And just like that we were released to come home!!

Tate has had a great day since then!

Thank you all for your many prayers!!!

We will get the results of these four different scans today (ordered by three different doctors) throughout the month of September as we continue Tate’s medical appointments!


    • Steph says:

      Our little distraction was just what we needed! For Tate and Tate’s Mama! Lane is SO fun. And, yes, God is SO good – and answered our prayers for today beyond what we could have imagined.

    • Steph says:

      Ang, you are sweet! For some reason, I cannot reply to comments on my phone right now….so this response is a little late ;0) I have been feeling better every day, although I still have little spurts when I am not feeling the best. I just started coughing for the first time on Saturday – but have not coughed very much at all. I am so thankful for the healing that the Lord has allowed! I have been praying for you sweet friend.

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