Thursday in Hohhot

Today my three guys were taken to the grasslands.

They had an hour and a half van ride to get there, but Blake and Grant both said it was so worth the time traveling!

Tate does very well in the van. They do not use car seats in China, so that will be a new experience once he is home. We are so thankful that Tate does not get motion sick!

 photo IMG_8936_zpsec5vwzgk.jpg

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Blake said the scenery while they were driving was so beautiful. He said at first it looked like the foothills of Colorado, and then like they were home here in Wisconsin. When they got to the grasslands, it looked more like Mexico.

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The fields along the way were full of potatoes, sunflowers, oats, and rape plants. The rape plants are used to make canola. The grasslands area is known for its oat noodles.

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When they arrived, there was a toast for all the tourist that had just arrived.

The man with the pony tail asked Grant if he knew Kung Fu. That made me smile!!

 photo IMG_8944_zps5d0hrkkk.jpg

 photo IMG_8990_zpsetbfa5sp.jpg

The grasslands were full of Yurts – little tent houses that people live in.

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 photo IMG_8973_zps6v024umw.jpg

 photo IMG_8968_zpsqrgq4oam.jpg

 photo IMG_8938_zpsa79xvz54.jpg

When you are the only Americans around, you sometimes draw some attention!

 photo IMG_8979_zps5nal0a2b.jpg

I am so glad I bought and sent these sun glasses for Tate! Blake said he really needed them today. Sorry, Grant, that I forgot to tell you to pack yours!

 photo IMG_8941_zpsczlqvyx1.jpg

 photo IMG_8940_zpssrvya1ol.jpg

While they were in the grasslands, they went to watch a Mongolian wrestling match. It is not like American wrestling, because it is all about trying to get your opponent to loose his footing and fall. There were six guys that were in the competition. It was narrowed down to three guys, then two guys, and then there was a champion.

 photo IMG_9006_zps82eyqlmh.jpg

The champion asked for guys from the audience to wrestle him. One guy jumped up to do that and lost. While this was going on, Aggie, the guide, was urging Grant to go up and wrestle the champion. Blake started urging Grant to do it too! Grant said yes, wrestled the champion, and BEAT HIM. Blake said the crowd just went nuts! I asked him if HE was nuts, and he told me “It was ok, honey, I prepped him real good before I sent him in the ring.” Grant had a blast!

Here is Aggie translating for Grant before the match –

 photo IMG_9007_zpsdyqwgz1s.jpg

Notice his opponent has on red pants.

 photo IMG_9008_zpsywrm4wpc.jpg

 photo IMG_9010_zpstuxfp79v.jpg

Grant is standing in this photo, but his opponent is not!

 photo IMG_9011_zpsebahzzhg.jpg

 photo IMG_9015_zps53bbijsj.jpg

What a good day they had!!

Tate is doing so well! While we were on Skype I watched him play in the bath tub, get his jammies on, drink his warm milk, and then he pointed to his crib. Blake lifted him in, covered him up, and he went right to sleep. I thought my heart was going to jump through this computer screen.

 photo IMG_9057_zps78qsceim.jpg

I reminded Blake to use Aggie to the fullest for Tate’s sake before they leave there to head to Guangzhou. I want her to prepare Tate for what this next week will be like. Aggie told Blake that when she talked to Tate, Tate told her he is ready to go. He wants to ride on an airplane!

Aggie told Blake that Tate is in the top 1% of all the adoptions she has helped with in regard to his obedience, how much he has bonded to Blake, and his understanding of this process. This brought us to tears. You all, Blake and I are SO humbled, because we KNOW how many of YOU are praying for our sweet baby boy – and the way things are going are ALL answers to your prayers. Praise the Lord with us, will you?

The guys have seen their last sunrise in Hohhot. As we head to bed tonight, they will be in the clouds on a plane heading to Guangzhou!

 photo IMG_8914_zpszli1t9cm.jpg

Please continue to pray with us for my three guys! One more week until they are home sweet home!!


  1. Gail says:

    ONLY ONE WEEK! Your dream will be in your arms.

    What an experience those guys are having. Memories of a lifetime.

    Keep on holding on. The wait is almost over. We keep praying and praying.

  2. Doug says:

    I KNEW Grant would make a good wrestler!!! Way to go, Grant!!! You Dah MAN!!!! So happy for Tate’s great bonding, also! So, so exciting!!

  3. Sandra Endress says:

    Go GRANT!! They should know you never wrestle with a Wisconsin farm kid!! I think you should buy yourself a pair of sunglasses for having the courage to get up and take that kind of challenge! What a hoot! Way to make us proud! 🙂

  4. Kirstin says:

    OK, so I have been following blog posts written by families traveling in China for a good year now… lots of families… I have never read a “day in China” post like this one! Good job to Blake too for leading this grand adventure so well!

  5. Connie says:

    I love the way you tell your story. Thank you so much for filling our hearts with joy and praise as we see what God has done and is doing. Continuing to pray.

  6. Lisa says:

    I love this post so much! We laughed out loud when I read Grant’s wrestling adventure to the family. What a terrific testimony that the guide gave to God’s faithfulness. One more week? One more week. ONE MORE WEEK!!!!! Blake and Grant, you are doing such a grand job for your Tate, for your family, and for the Lord.

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