Three Months Later

When I stop and take the time to reflect on how far Eliza has come in just three months, it amazes me. Her transition into our family was so easy really – and I credit it all to the Lord for the fact that He burdened our fantastic God fearing adoption agency to train us to make sure that we were prepared. The training that we went through before leaving for China was so important. We praise the Lord that He used it to make this transition what it is! I will admit, there were times when I wondered if all the webinars, reading, questionnaires, studying, interviews, and training would ever be done. Now, I wouldn’t trade all that time we invested in Eliza’s life before she arrived for anything. It was priceless!

To celebrate Eliza’s three month arrival anniversary, here is an update on our tiny tornado!!

*She no longer cries, ever, in her bed. She is not napping anymore (we do a rest time instead), and our nighttime routine is one that she counts on, but she goes to bed without any fear or one single tear.

*Her little Chinese songs are soon to be just a memory, as her English is exploding! She sings the songs we have taught her now. She is also starting to use her words for everything instead of grabbing my hand, dragging me to what she wants, and pointing to it while she grunts. She talks in three words sentences even – “Apple please Mama.” “Go side side please Mama?” “Color please Mama?” “More please.” and so on.


*She does not come completely apart if we are in the van and someone gets out when they are dropped off somewhere. This is a HUGE win.

*She walks the halls of the hospital like she owns the place. Pushing the elevator buttons without being told, yelling “Helooowww!” to anyone and everyone while blowing them kisses, and basically stealing hearts in every department. Her confidence is astounding!



*She wore 24 month size clothes in China, and now fills out a size 3T to the tip of her sleeves and the end of her leggings. She has gained 4 pounds and grown over 1 inch in three months!

*She gets dressed in anything we try to put her in, including shoes and a coat. This was a big battle at first – especially her shoes and coat. So thankful that she has overcome this obstacle!

*One thing that hasn’t changed is her bed head. It was and still is adorable!


*She rarely sucks her thumb now unless she is in her bed. She also rarely throws herself on the floor in a heap of tantrum. If she starts to get upset, I softly say “Eliza, just use your words,” and then she does!

*She LOVES her bath, and LOVES getting her hair wet and washed. Bath time is part of our evening play. Whew.


*She still eats like a champ, but has gotten more picky. She always chooses spicy foods first and then wants more. She still will not eat much fruit, and she loves chocolate……because she must to live in this house!

*She is handling her sensory issues very well. Lane and I both have severe sensory issues, so we know how hard they can be. She has overcome her fear of loud noises, and will now just sit with her hands over her ears. She also has overcome her fear of the grass and gravel on the farm! She did not leave the cement sidewalk walking on her own until just recently!


*She does a roll call several times a day, saying each of our names as she points to us. She likes all of her people to be present and accounted for.


*She already loves Tate too! She says “Tate, China!” and loves to point at his photos that we have displayed as she does her roll call!

From the terrified baby girl who clung to me for days, to the spicy, spunky, confident, tiny tornado that she is now……I can’t even find the words. I have heard through other adoptions the phrase LOVE WINS.


We love you so much Eliza Claire!!! You are one determined, amazing, adorable little sweet pea!!!


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