Three Hours and Counting!

I have listened to Blake and Grant tell countless stories on Skype, and have hung on every word!

I am not sure I can convey all that the guys are experiencing into words that will do it any justice at all!! They are so funny!!

They are tirelessly trying to download photos for you all to enjoy. This was a slow and time consuming task on our trip last year, but it was doable. On this trip they are not getting things to work very well at all. So I am very thankful for these photos!!

Here they are coming into Guangzhou after being in the air fifteen hours!!

If I close my eyes I can still hear the sounds and smell the smells one year later! It is an amazing place to be!!

 photo IMG_8723_zps9sdaiien.jpg

 photo IMG_8725_zpstie72oot.jpg

 photo IMG_8726_zpsksfthfnn.jpg

They had a one night stay at the Crowne Plaza. It is gorgeous!

 photo IMG_8727_zpscehsnd86.jpg

This was their breakfast the morning they flew to Hohhot….pringles and vitamin water! Grant has told me that he has been hungry most of the time since they left. That part I remember well!

*Update – the guys just minutes ago enjoyed a breakfast buffet at their hotel! They said it was huge and delicious!

 photo IMG_8728_zpsoxz3d5ap.jpg

The airport in Hohhot.

 photo IMG_8733_zpsxpudkxqu.jpg

More of Hohhot.

 photo IMG_8741_zpsdigy6hq3.jpg

 photo IMG_8750_zpse9h6fwbj.jpg

Their hotel in Hohhot is very nice too!

 photo IMG_8760_zpsrjm9lydd.jpg

 photo IMG_8761_zpsvod7hjgq.jpg

 photo IMG_8764_zpsabosq26s.jpg

 photo IMG_8759_zps8y0ibepi.jpg

These are all taken from the window of their room on the 21st floor.

 photo IMG_8752_zpsjf32mdho.jpg

 photo IMG_8753_zps1wtck8oz.jpg

 photo IMG_8754_zpsjlqpww2r.jpg

 photo IMG_8755_zps4qkni4fg.jpg

 photo IMG_8756_zps0cr249ob.jpg

Unfortunately, the suitcases did not all arrive in good condition. They were WET. Inside the suitcases were wet! Sorry about your box of O’s, Tate!!

 photo IMG_8757_zpszbvity1e.jpg

The guys went outside the hotel to a noodle restaurant next door the guide told them to go to. They took these photos on the snack street right there!

I am pretty sure I never really need to know what this is.

 photo IMG_8766_zpsbnmi2xjj.jpg

Bird on a stick, anyone?

 photo IMG_8767_zpsoxikdm4n.jpg

 photo IMG_8768_zpsjl3z2lcx.jpg

Here’s a first! Grant fell asleep in the middle of doing sit ups! These guys are SO tired!

 photo IMG_8769_zpssyrphkv7.jpg

Here are Mr. and Mrs. Samuels and their friend Hannah! They were so gracious to come all the way to the hotel to pick up the donations! One of their suitcases was wet too. Blake said he felt a sigh of relief that he got everything there and in the hands of these precious people!!

 photo IMG_8772_zpsd4sqhy3e.jpg

Blake and Grant’s guide and driver are the best. I really don’t think these guides that meet and take care adoptive families in country ever sleep! The driver was enjoying Grant’s story…..he thought Grant was Chinese! And couldn’t stop asking questions about making a living driving tractors and milking cows!!! Hilarious.

We just ALL Skyped with the guys as they woke up for the day. For TATE’S DAY!! In case you forgot!

Three hours and counting!!!! Please pray that they can get the Skype to work in the lobby!!! I am beside myself right now with anticipation. We have waited SO long for our sweet boy.

Are you all tired of blog posts yet??!! Check back soon – because my next post I hope will have photos of Tate!!!!

Praise the Lord!!! Our wait is almost over!!!


  1. JoEllen says:

    Oh precious Lord I thank you for this sweet sweet family. Thank you that their wait for Tate is almost done. Lord bless them and help skype to work in the lobby so that Stephanie & the family can meet & see Tate as soon as possible. Lord help everything go smoothly. Lord thank you for the safe travels. Please Lord be with them during and on their ways back. Thank you Lord for their protection.

    In your sweet name Lord Jesus! AMEN

  2. Christy says:

    I confess I am stalking your blog for updates. I love watching families welcome children into their family. Love love love it! Praying the technology works so you can enjoy that precious moment. My 8 year old daughter and I can’t wait to wake up and see Tate with his family!

  3. Connie says:

    I certainly am not tired of your blog posts. I am so excited for you. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling! I remember hanging on for any word when John and Shelly were adopting, and I am checking often throughout the day to see how this adoption is going. So looking forward to meeting your little man!

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