The Twelve Days of Christmas

I sang my own version of the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” on the way home from our doctor just a little bit ago. It made Addie laugh, which made me smile… thankful that the Lord gives me the ability to smile and praise Him in all things.

Addie and I both have pink eye.


I will spare you the scary photos of that, which I didn’t take anyway.

Before I drove 30 minutes to our doctor this afternoon, I drove 45 minutes the other direction this morning to see Eliza’s referring physician to have her pre-op physical done. We were there all morning.


We are praying that the blood tests that were done STAT, and all the paperwork will quickly make it to our surgeon in Madison like it is supposed to.


But I am learning quickly in the medical and insurance and paperwork world, that that is not usually the case!


Another part of my trying-to-smile song was about Tate’s Supplement 3 paperwork.

I messed it up.

Big time.

So, I am praising the Lord through my guilt that our awesome caseworker, who has spent the last three days trying to get in touch with our immigration officer, was able to finally get through to her today and we are now praying that it will all be fixed.

Because this little man of ours is weighing on our hearts.

Benny Aug 2013

In other prayerful news, my Dad was moved to a higher level of care on Monday, which is not the direction we were praying his health situation would go. He is slowly getting better, but I want to be there so bad.

I am also constantly surrendering Eliza’s health situation and upcoming surgery to the Lord.


I can’t carry that one either, try as I might.

So, I am going to just keep singing, praising the Lord, and letting Him carry us through this next week!

Because I think you would agree that our mighty munchkin needs a strong Daddy and Mama by her side.


Thank you, Lord, for choosing us. You are worthy to be praised!


  1. Lisa says:

    I was waiting to see the lyrics to your song. Hmmm…guess I’ll have to wait for the CD. Your dad has been on my heart alot these last couple of days. Now I know why. I’ll keep praying.

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