The Rest of the Story

Some of you might remember back in April when we were blessed with photos of Eliza. The story behind those photos is SO awesome, and got even better yesterday!

A couple months before we received the photos, I left an anonymous comment on a blog of someone who was in China getting their daughter from the same orphanage that Eliza was from. Through the URL attached to that comment I was contacted by a gal in Florida, Hillary, who told me they also were adopting a little girl from Eliza’s orphanage as well!! Gotta love technology sometimes!!

We chatted back and forth through e-mail, and shared photos of our little girls.

In March we sent Eliza a birthday party, and in return were expecting photos and a short video of Eliza. When Blake and I opened our e-mail early on the morning of Eliza’s birthday and saw that the photos and video were already there, we were thrilled!! It wasn’t but a minute after we started looking at the photos that we realized that Hillary’s daughter was at Eliza’s birthday party!! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES???

The best part of those photos and video that day were sharing them with Hillary and her husband Caleb. Photos and video of THEIR daughter, that were TOTALLY a surprise to them that day!! It was awesome. You can read her story of that day here.

In April Hillary and her family headed to China to bring their precious daughter home. While they were there, they asked their guide if they could see Eliza for us. YES, THEY DID. Their guide knew Eliza’s foster parents! WOW. So in one day they visited the orphanage, and visited their daughter’s foster parents – which is where Eliza’s foster Mom brought her to meet them. Be still my heart!! Eliza was prayed over (silently, of course) and photos and video were taken of her and then sent to us that same day. Such a gift for us as we waited to travel to China! Still such a gift to have those photos and video of Eliza with her foster Mom.

Hillary contacted me again last week to tell me she was traveling to Kenosha to stay for the weekend this weekend. That was TOO close – we had to meet!! So Addie Mae, Eliza, Lane and I drove to Johnson Creek (about three hours away) to meet Hillary and her new daughter!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!


Getting a photo of the girls both looking the right direction was pretty impossible!


Isn’t Reese just precious? She will be two years old in October.




Eliza was very taken by the video Hillary had from her orphanage of some children doing a dance routine together!


Before long, it was time to say goodbye.


The connections you make through adoption are like no other. There is such an immediate bond. With both of our adoptions, not only have we gained a son and a daughter, but some of the dearest friends we will ever have.

What a blessed day we had! Thank you Hillary and Reese for making the trip too! We miss you both already!!


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