The Reading Store

We are still at my Mom’s (more on that later!!), but I thought I would share about our reading store we use at home.

Implementing the reading store into our school day has worked every. single. time.

It started with Kayla, who did the reading store when she was in a Christian private school in first grade.

That is where I stole borrowed this idea from!

We have used it with every child since then.

Two main goals I have with the children when they are young, is to teach them to love to learn, and to make them a strong reader.

If I can accomplish these two things, it is all downhill from there!

The reading store is full of fun things, with prices on each thing.


Every book (or story) read out-loud to someone is worth one point. Points can be accumulated to buy things in the reading store.

Lane is using the reading store now.

He is already a good reader. And is very willing to read aloud to me when I ask him to. Key words there – “when I ask him to.”

This is why the reading store is a win-win!

It keeps this crazy busy Mama accountable to having Lane read aloud.

Cause he LOVES to have points to spend, which has him walking around with books in his hand looking for someone to listen to him read.

Lane even brought books and some prizes he hopes to earn to my Mom’s!

So far we have been blessed with four strong readers…..and number five isn’t very far off.


  1. Connie says:

    What a great idea! Wish I had it for my kids. I am thankful that they all like to read. Such a good idea though. I can see why it would work.

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