The Holidays

After a fantastic Christmas day, we have continued to enjoy Christmas activities!

On Sunday we attended a beautiful Christmas concert in Iowa. Not only did we enjoy the concert, but the fellowship we had with many friends who were also there!




Tate and Eliza have done so well with all of the new things we have asked of them! A change from their regular routine brings feelings of insecurity for them. We brush Eliza a lot when we ask so much of her, and it helps her to relax instantly and be able to take in all that is happening around her.


Yesterday we enjoyed the coziness of a snow day, although outside it was not looking cozy at all. The snow fell all day long, but the winds were whipping a breeze through these old farm house windows, and also whipping the snow around.


Blake had a challenge getting out this morning. I took this photo right after I interrupted the boys’ Bible time so they could go out and help dig Blake’s truck out.


It is beyond beautiful this morning now that the wind is gone! There is a lot of snow out there! And it is still snowing!









Chores had to be done yesterday, blinding snow or not!


Lane, Tate, Eliza and I snuggled under blankets and had read aloud time!


We also have a huge list of winter projects that we worked on.


Thankfully, Blake made it home safely in that mess, and safely to work again this morning. It is the worst part of living in the country for sure! He returned home last night with all kinds of goodies, including homemade fleece hats for everyone that one of his employee’s wife made! They are super cute.


We were not able to travel to Madison for Tate’s sedated CMG yesterday, and we are working on figuring out when that will now be.

The principal of our school called a snow day yesterday (smile!), but today, believe it or not, this school house is open! I hope the teacher of these kiddos can keep their attention, because all of that snow is calling our names!