The First Week Of Spring

This first week of spring (that is what the calendar says, right?) has been full of snow, illness, and now some ice.

We woke up this morning to ice covered windows.

And 35 mph wind.

Which shook this old farm house and kept me up most of the night!


Our pup took one step outside this morning and slid down the sidewalk.

The skies look ominous today.


I have been so thankful this week.

Thankful that even though Eliza was sick, she never got this horrible cough that Chad and Lane have.

Thankful that no one else is sick!

Poor Lane has had a hard week.

Get well soon, little man.



Sweet Kayla has been sick too. But there is a baby to blame for that!!

Have I told you we are OVER THE MOON excited about that fact?!!

Here she is as we cooked dinner one night.

Smells are not so good for her right now.

Things got a little better for her this week, though.


Even though we did get a lot of snow, there was one warmer afternoon that the kiddos played in the hay loft.

I thought Eliza looked so cute in this hat that her Grandma gave her for her birthday!


Our seed order arrived!

Kayla and I had fun planning the garden together early this week.

Having that box is a promise of things to come!


School books for this fall started arriving too. Blake and I planned school for the fall on our get-away trip.

Too bad he wasn’t paying attention when I ordered Chad 5th grade workbooks. Why? Cause Chad is finishing 5th grade this year.


Our UPS man does not like our farm when we have winter like days either. He stops at the top of the drive, calls us from his cell phone, and someone runs up to get our boxes.



We, meaning my amazing husband and I, have been working hard on paperwork for Eliza’s adoption day!

We are re-finalizing her adoption with a court date of April 7th.

Eliza’s adoption was finalized in China, but this will give us paperwork that is more familiar in the United States….like a birth certificate.


We have spent this week in quiet winter-like ways.

Eliza will sit and listen to books endlessly!

We love books.


She loves to help bake, too!

Licking all the yummyness might have something to do with it.


We are still playing lots of games, as well!

Can’t wait till we trade board games for chalk on the sidewalk, swinging on the swings, digging in the dirt, swimming in the pool….

Oh? Did I skip right to summer?

I like to dream big!!



Looks like we will have another small taste of spring this week.

The weather bug on my phone says 72 degrees for Wednesday!!

But when you live in Wisconsin, you never hold your breath for spring to arrive.

Happy second week of spring, everyone!!


  1. Daria says:

    Our highest in Pontiac is going to be 70. Can’t believe you may be warmer than us. I hope Kayla gets to feeling better soon. She just needs to remember that this stage will eventually go away and it will all be worth it!

  2. Connie says:

    April 7th is an exciting day for you, I think! So sorry for the sickness in your house. Missed you today. Praying for Kayla that she will be feeling better quickly. Hopefully spring is here to stay this week. So much fun to be thinking gardening. Love to play in the dirt! Much hugs and love to all of you!!!

  3. Michelle says:

    It’s really been too long without the Moschel’s! Thankful for your blog, Stephanie, for letting all of us who love you keep up with the news, and for your heart for the Lord and His love that you make obvious!

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