The Best Day Ever!

After our fantastic reunion yesterday morning, we headed inside to show Tate around.

Once we got inside, Eliza hollered, “Daddy, put the baby down!”

Tate LOVED the sunroom full of toy bins, and certainly knows how to play!

Tate's Homecoming 094

Tate's Homecoming 095

Tate's Homecoming 107

Tate's Homecoming 109

Tate's Homecoming 111

Tate had a snack…

Tate's Homecoming 127

We looked at all that was sent with Tate from his orphanage (more on that later)…

Tate's Homecoming 152

There was a pillow throwing contest….




Some musical entertainment….

Tate's Homecoming 116

Which included a dynamic duet!

Tate's Homecoming 132

Of course I had to try to get them to stand still….


We had a big lunch of soup, salad and bread (thanks David, Kayla, and Addie!).

Then we put our three guys to bed for a nap!


I only let them sleep for two hours.

We headed outside to spend some time in the sunshine to help their bodies get back on Wisconsin time!

Tate squealed when he saw the swing set!

He ran over to it on his own, and went up and down the slide!




We got the stroller out and went for a stroll!



We also played with some ride on toys on the side walk!

Tate loved the three wheeled scooter.




It took a little longer, by about two hours, to wake Grant from his afternoon coma nap. We encouraged him to get in the daylight too!



Tate is already good at snitching while you are cooking!

He knows the signs his Baba taught him very well!




We had a yummy dinner, and I was teary eyed (again) as I made TWO little plates of food.


Pretty soon it was time for baths and to head to bed for the night.

First, a bedtime banana snack!


Tate got sad right before bedtime, but that was literally the first time ALL day that he was not SMILING. This child was fiercely loved his whole life – that much we are very sure of.

Tate slept all night, only waking once where he stood up in his crib and said in Chinese, “Baba, I need to go potty!” He went right back to sleep and is still sleeping as I type this. Blake and Grant slept all night too, and are still sleeping as well!

Once the house was all quiet last night, Blake and I sat together choking back the sobs, but letting the tears flow……we just cannot believe Tate is home.

We did it. WE DID IT!!! We got our sweet cheerful little boy home.

Tate is HOME!

*Thank you for the overwhelming response of comments, texts and e-mails….we cannot thank you enough for sharing in our joy!!


  1. Kozelek family says:

    Needless to say, we have shed tears of joy this morning!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing journey with only more to come. We will be praying for you with all the medical decisions next week. Praise God! Thank you for sharing your amazing day with Tate!

  2. Connie says:

    What joy! Absolutely thrilled for you! Such a handsome little man. May God give you wisdom and strength as you raise all your kiddos for Him. Tears again. Praise the Lord!

  3. Aunt Tracy says:

    I love all the photos that make it easy to put ourselves there with you all. We were sitting waiting for a pilot car in construction when I saw that you had updated yesterday. The pictures were so small on my phone, but I sat there and cried as I saw this beautiful reunion/meeting unfold. Thanks for posting these and giving us a taste of your heaven on earth moments!

    Love to all,

  4. Forsters says:

    Thank you, thank you for sharing all these details/moments/snapshots of life with all of us. It is a joy to be able to rejoice with you and praise God together for his excellent mercies! So happy for your family to include Tate in person now. Our prayers will continue as you make adjustments, decisions, relationships… Love to all of you.

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