Ten Months

Ten months ago yesterday, one exhausted Mama and one completely overwhelmed sweet baby finally arrived home from China.


What an amazing journey these last ten months have been!!

Eliza went from sleeping in a crib and short baby hair bedhead….


…to sleeping in a big bed and wearing a pony tail!


Eliza’s language has developed from the days of taking my hand and saying, “Show you, show you!”…


….to telling me “It’s broken, but Daddy will fix it!”


When we gave Eliza her first bath that day in China, she would not sit down, was terrified, and screamed the whole two seconds we took to wash her…..

….to bath time being her favorite time of the day!


She has been through spinal surgery, and more doctor’s appointments and medical tests than all of our other children combined…..

August 2

….which has given her a spunky confidence that we love so much!


We have celebrated Eliza with a shower at church….


….and also with her third birthday, which was her first birthday with us!


This journey has not been without its challenges, but the Lord has given us exactly what we need, exactly when we needed it…..every step of the way.

What a privilege it is for Blake and I to be trusted with so much.

We have a new journey about to begin! We are beside ourselves with anticipation!!

I can’t wait, sweet little Tate, to reflect on your first ten months here at home!!

Ten months, Eliza Claire!!

Ten months that have blessed us so much!!

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