Team Tate

This month has been full of appointments of all kinds, and we are not slowing down over the next two weeks even with the Christmas and New Year holidays!

Tate will be having a repeat MRI tomorrow morning. We are thankful that this is done locally! Tate will be sedated. Our wait will be shorter, as they will be pinpointing areas that need repeat images instead of doing a complete brain and complete spine MRI.

This test and the test that Tate will have next Monday in Madison will help the neurosurgeon decide about the need for Tate to have surgery to untether his tethered spinal cord.


Prayers for our little man are always coveted!! For not being able to eat or drink tomorrow morning, for IV placement, for clear imaging of what is needed, and for discernment for our neurosurgeon’s decisions. We are trying not to think about the need for spinal surgery right now and enjoy the blessing of Christmas, but having these sedated tests makes it a little hard to ignore!

Thank you for your prayers!

*I am having troubles with the blog at the moment, as I am unable to add any new photos, but hoping to get it all back in working order asap! It might be a little quieter here until then! If you would like to keep up with our crazy and check on Tate’s appointments – please click on the camera icon under the “follow me” button on the right side bar as I do post to Instagram still! You do not have to have an Instagram account to see my posts!


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