Tate and Eliza’s Story Books

Awhile ago I mentioned that I was working on a huge project for Tate and Eliza.

I made Tate and Eliza each their own scrapbook – their stories about coming home!

It was through another adoptive Mama that I not only got this idea, but watched her tutorial on how to make these books on Shutterfly. Thanks to that tutorial I found this project easy to understand and accomplish!



Tate and Eliza sat on my lap at different times while I was working on their books. They LOVE seeing the photos of them, especially of their time in China, and love listening to the stories of their homecoming!

For Eliza, this has allowed SO much healing. She pours over her book, talking and asking questions the entire time. She is so full of smiles and joy as I read the words to her from each page. She notices different details every time we open her book – especially in the photos that we have from China that were taken of her while she was with her foster family before we arrived to bring her home!





For Tate, this has allowed HIM to tell HIS stories! His English is so good now that he tells us all about the photos of the first four years of his life that were spent in China. He shows us the photos of “my China Mommy” and “my China Daddy” (he had a foster situation in the evening and for sleeping at night). He talks about his sister (a foster sister) and his baby (a foster brother). He tells us his Daddy went to work everyday and his Mommy liked to watch TV! We celebrate these photos with Tate, and tell him how much we love his China family too! He beams with pride as he shows us his photos. He also enjoys seeing the photos of when Blake and Grant went to China to bring him home, of his homecoming, and the photos we have taken since he has been home.






I am so thankful that an adoptive Mama I look up to and love through the web was burdened to share how she has made these books for their six, soon to be seven, children adopted from China. I used to make Creative Memories scrapbooks, but did not have a plan for what I would do now. Besides these books for Tate and Eliza, I plan to have our blog printed in book form each year, and those will now be our yearly scrapbooks.

I had a blast with this project, and could not be more blessed with how these books were received by Tate and Eliza!


    • Steph says:

      I really like Shutterfly too! Eliza’s book arrived with four pages that were “blacked out”, and although it was hard to get a real person on the other end of the phone, once I did they sent us a new book for free with expedited shipping for free as well. Glad to see they stand behind their product!

  1. Hillary says:

    We are so honored to be on a page in Eliza’s story. It still makes me want to cry tears of joy when I remeber how the Lord brought it all together in only a way he can. He is a good good father. I hope one day when we see each other again… Eliza will recognize us from her picture book 🙂 and it will be like seeing old friends.

    • Steph says:

      The Lord does deserve all the glory for how our family’s have come to know each other – and it will not be forgotten! You are on another page too – with photos of our time when we met up in Wisconsin! I do believe Eliza will know who you are from her book! She calls you Miss Hillary, and wants to borrow your sunglasses!! ;0)

  2. Christy says:

    These are awesome! While we have a homemade scrapbook for Lily’s time in China and her homecoming, I would love to do a Shutterfly book! Is there a way you can share the tutorial you used?

    • Steph says:

      So sorry, yes! Should have included that link in my post, DUH! I have included it now – in the 3rd paragraph of the post where it says “her tutorial” in blue. You will love this! It is SO, SO good for our kiddos!! Make sure you google for a Shutterfly coupon before you purchase your book – they have awesome coupons out there to save you some money!

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