Sweet Friends…..and Their Story

Here is a link to our local news back home about some friends of ours that are also in China with us. They are at a different hotel, but we have seen them many times at the different appointments we have had. Joey (the Dad) stopped and prayed over Eliza and I that day at the police station when Eliza was just absolutely inconsolable. That is just the kind of friends they are!


We have unpacked EVERYTHING, and are regrouping it all to leave Eliza and I with what we need, and for Blake and Addie to take home everything else. We also have to have the suitcases be under the correct weight, and only have one suitcase to check per person. It is a giant puzzle!!! But we are having fun!!!

There are families still here with medically fragile children. There are families still here without any more money to pay the change in airplane ticket fees, or extra hotel fees. There are families here with children back home that they are trying to find extended care for. Pray for ALL the families that are here. Please pray.


  1. Kirstin says:

    Thank you for posting! We are thinking about you guys all the time and praying for you! We will continue to and for the others that are part of the larger situation too. Love you guys!!

  2. Connie says:

    You have been in my thoughts and prayers throughout the day. Also praying for the other families and their children. May God give you all the wisdom and strength and peace that is needed. So thankful for a wise and all knowing God!

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