Sunday in Guangzhou

The guys had a big day! They met the travel group around 10 a.m. to head to a park. They climbed hundreds of stairs to get to this statue!

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The parks are so beautiful in Guangzhou. They are filled with retired people exercising, dancing, and playing games together! Simon told the group that the people retire at a very young age in China, to make room for the younger generation to work. The women retire at 50 and the men at 55. The guys enjoyed watching the people in the park!

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It is not as hot in Guangzhou as last year, but Grant told me he was sweating buckets after climbing all those stairs!

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Here they are playing hacky sack.

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Blake bought a hacky sack to bring home! It is not a bean bag like I thought it would be, but discs connected together with feathers attached to the top.

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After the park, the group headed to the pearl and jade market. Tate had fallen asleep in the bus on the way there, so thankfully he was very mellow!

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When the guys got back to the room, Tate fell apart. We are so very thankful that Tate finally started grieving all this change in his life. It is so very hard to watch, but also such a very important part of this process. Tate did allow Blake to hold him, which was a blessing too.

Once Tate settled down, they went swimming at the hotel pool and enjoyed visiting with one of the other families there.

The day got the best of our little man! But a nap before dinner was a good thing.

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The guys were blessed to be able to borrow a stroller from the front desk of the hotel. They walked to McDonald’s to get some “take away” dinner! Tate LOVED the stroller, and so we are all thankful that they get to keep it until they check out!

The guys laundry was returned to them this afternoon too! Yay for clean clothes!

I got to visit on Skype again as their day was coming to a close, and Tate had his bath, got his jammies on, and drank his warm milk! I like our night time routine already! Tate takes his boat and his stacking cups to bed with him each night. How cute is that? He tucks them under his blanket right before he falls asleep. How I love that he has something to call his own. Sweet boy.

We also got to visit on Skype again this evening as the guys started their Monday!!



We were showing him how to say he is now FOUR!


Tate was a hoot on Skype this evening! He is calling Eliza by name, Lane by name, and I am now Mommy instead of Mama! Then he tapped Blake to get his attention and said “Dad, Dad, Dad!” We were just giggling with him non-stop. He and Eliza have a great time on Skype mimicking each other and then giggling from their toes. It is SO CUTE!!



A couple more things before I close this evening:

*Thank you all who have been contacting me asking about the guys arrival back home on Friday and our plans for it! We will be having a private reunion this time when the guys pull into the farm, as they have a car parked at the airport in Minneapolis. A private reunion is what we desire for Tate’s sake.

*Lord willing, our plan right now is to spend the weekend at home, and head to UW Madison on Monday morning for Tate to see the neurosurgery team there. We have an appointment at noon that day. If we feel there is a need to do so sooner than Monday, we will go sooner, but right now we feel comfortable with this plan!

Please pray with us for our sweet reunion as a family, and for Tate’s upcoming appointments! Please also pray for good health for my three guys while they finish out this week in China. Pray for Tate’s transition as well, as he is really missing being able to communicate more with someone in his own language right now. Thank you for praying with us!


  1. Lisa says:

    My heart goes out to Tate. God’s transition has begun and He who has begun this good work in Tate will bring it to completion. God is good. Praying for your sweet homecoming and blissful family routines.

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