Summer Days

It feels like we waited forever for summer to arrive, and now it feels like it is flying by!

One thing I love about summer is that each day is so different than the one before it.

I still strive for a routine, a schedule, and a flow to our days – but we are not doing full time school right now, so it is a very flexible flow.

We also have had lots and lots of appointments to fill our mornings several days a week, and a new puppy to train!

The littles do so good on appointment days!



One appointment this week was for Chad to have some teeth pulled.

He was a trooper, and we had a quiet afternoon afterwards!



About that puppy we are training – we are absolutely smitten with her, as you can imagine.

But seriously now! Can you even resist this?




We have been doing some summer school.

School is always a hit here!

They beg for it.

Crazy kids.


We made some Johnny Cake one morning after reading about it in The Little House in the Big Woods!


We went on a mini field trip to the library one morning when it was hot, muggy and raining.

I love books. It has rubbed off on my kiddos.





I have not been good about taking photos with the big camera again.

Here is my dilemma though!

I took the camera when we went to the hay loft to play one rainy afternoon.

My first photo – no flash.


I didn’t think the coloring was so good! It looks blue.

My second photo – with a flash.


Way different, but I didn’t think the coloring was true either!

My girls can pick up a camera, change the setting and snap away.

Their photos are awesome!

I still took more photos with the flash on.

Well, cause the kiddos are so photogenic, I thought that maybe you all won’t notice the poor photography, ha!






Summer also means projects.

We have been working on moving projects a lot.

This week we cleaned both the attics.

Just not on the same day!

It was a BIG project.

Thankfully I had this girl home to help me!


She did tell me she charges $10 an hour though.

When I yelled “WHAT?” she changed her tune and said I could pay her in chocolate cupcakes.

Ok then.

The problem with cleaning and purging projects is all the fun things you find.

Fun things that may, or may not make you teary eyed!


No thanks to my reminiscing, we still got the project done!

Eleven empty totes, a huge van load dropped at Good Will, and gobs of stuff listed for sale on Craig’s List!




Our mornings are for school and working, and our afternoons are for playing!

The big pool should be warm enough and open soon, but for now the wading pool works!




While they play, I usually am working on something!

I have been making new busy bags – which the littles love, love, LOVE!

After a couple of Friday nights where Blake and I were not able to have a date night, last Friday we were able!

The van was overflowing with grocery! But it was still a great date!


Tonight is date night again!

I better get ready to go!

It’s FRIDAY you all!!!

And a three day weekend!!!

Please remember to think of and thank all of those brave men and women who have served our country as we celebrate Memorial Day.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!