Stick Around Angels….

Umm. We need ya.


Praising the Lord for our protection again today, and for two awesome guys who stopped to help us change that flat tire.

Cause my phone had no cell service on the country road we were stuck on.

No one was home at that farm behind us.

And I had two kiddos with me.


But at least Grant said as he helped me load up to leave just a few minutes earlier…”It is such a beautiful day! At least you won’t get frost bite if you get stuck on the side of a road!”

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Not that I am looking to blame anyone or anything.


Eliza was so enthralled with the whole experience that she laid her head on my shoulder and dozed off.



I think we better hang on to our angels….as this trend looks far from over!


  1. Connie says:

    So thankful that it was only a flat tire!!! I am glad God had His angels with you. Also glad for the men He sent to you to help you out. Thankful it was a beautiful day!

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