Staying In The Moment

It has been busy around here.

C.R.A.Z.Y. busy!!

I honestly would not want it any other way!!

While in the chaos of this beautiful busy, I want to make sure that I stay in the moments.

Because there is just SO MUCH JOY to behold in this life with these children!!

I don’t want to miss one single second! I love to stop and relish in the moments!

This week has been busier than most.

So we met at our favorite gathering spot last night.


There was no food involved. And we all sat still.

But we had such a blast and roared with laughter as the boys prompted a “get to know you better” game with some hilarious questions we all had to answer.


The horses have been such fun!!

I LOVE that we can see them from the kitchen window! Even though I had to zoom in to get this photo!!


Grant is our animal whisperer. He has an amazing way with animals.


Chad loves the animals too. He spends a lot of time with the horses!


When I was at the gate taking those photos, I had one of our cows nugging my arm the whole time. So I turned to my right and took this.

Crazy cow!!


Besides all the excitement of the anticipation of LOA and the paperwork that goes with it, the farm has been busy, we have had lots of visitors, and Eliza had a doctor’s appointment.

Wore our little one completely out.


It was very cold and wet most of this week too. We ran one of our furnaces at night time! We had lots of inside activities to keep some little people busy.



Eliza made this all by herself while I was working on paperwork on Friday! She took the photo on her own too!


Someone very cute wants to spend every waking moment outside!


David, Kayla and the baby blessed me with some flats of annual flowers for Mother’s Day!!!

The kids and I planted some of the flowers. They are so beautiful!!







I am sure I will remember how busy it is too…..but these are the moments that turn into memories!!!

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  1. Connie says:

    Can almost smell the smoke from that fire. I love the photo of Eliza and the dog looking out the window, and the one with her looking at the flower. Precious memories, and priceless moments!

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