Special Delivery

This morning, even though it was only a balmy 39 degrees, our first batch of chicks were delivered and ready to be picked up at our local post office. When you live in a town of 293 people you can arrive at the post office at 7:00 a.m., tap on the door, go inside, and pick up a parcel with live animals in it! Chad and Lane did not want to miss out on this fun adventure, so I woke them both out of a deep sleep, and they jumped up and were ready to join Kayla in a matter of minutes.



Kayla started up the lights on our homemade brooder yesterday just to get it warm enough to keep these little cuties alive. These chicks were just born yesterday, and then shipped here overnight from Rudd, Iowa. It is very cold here this week, so our main goal is to keep their brooder at the right temperature (around 90 degrees)!





There are 120 little fluffy yellow cuties in this batch. They are only cute for a little while though! This is my favorite stage of chickens…..before they become less-than-cute, and stinky too!


Job well done, kiddos!


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