Soap Box Derby

During the father and son time at camp this last week, the guys built soap box derby cars! The boys had a blast doing this activity – especially because they got to race them on the last afternoon there!

It was warm and beautiful the first two days of camp.


Loading up the cars to take them to the top of the hill for the races on Thursday!



There were only three sets of tires, so they had to be changed out for each race.



Grant raced for our team. He did great until he ran straight into a sign post! I guess I should be thankful that Eliza was napping and I wasn’t there!


I thought the verse on the side of one of the other cars was very appropriate!!



This is just one of the many awesome things about camp! Thank you, Wissmans, for this awesome activity!!

A few more of us are sick this morning, and so we are home from church. I pushed through a fever all day yesterday, but actually feel worse today. Chad feels worse today too. Eliza is starting to get it, but no fever so far! The fever turns into a chest cold…..seems to me we just did this….so we are praying for fast recoveries this time around!

Praising the Lord for an amazingly beautiful fall day!!


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