Snowy Ridge

We have had a past tradition where we would go to a Christmas tree farm and cut down our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving weekend!

For the last two years since Tate has been home, this has not happened though.

It was time to get this tradition going again!

Sunday was the day!

And a beautiful day it was!

The weather this past week has been AMAZING.

We headed a few minutes up the road to a place we had never been before called Snowy Ridge.

It was a GORGEOUS tree farm.

Hannah and Bekah had been to church with us and were spending the afternoon with us too!

We had such a nice walk through the fields of the farm!

It was SO sunny and WARM!

The bad news about this gorgeous place was that they had been open for three days and were SOLD OUT of trees.

The owner told us if Blake wanted to take his truck and head to another field (that we could see but was pretty far away), we might find a tree there.

We sent Blake, Addie and Chad to go and look!

The rest of us checked out the fun areas of the farm.

Like the little zip line!

There was a bigger zip line, but the kiddos Mama said “no way!”

She is so mean, I tell ya!

We measured a few peeps.

Because the photo opp was too cute to pass up!

We also checked out the hot chocolate and cookie lodge!

It was adorable!

Even though we could not drink or eat anything!

Pretty soon Blake and his helpers were back with a tree!


It had a yellow tag on it, which meant it was damaged, so we got it for $10.


We loved Snowy Ridge SO much that I would like to make it a new part of our tradition!

We will just need to make sure next time we are there on opening day!

Tate thought this tradition was “the best day ever!!”

There is nothing better than seeing life through Tate and Eliza’s eyes.

He was right!

It was the best day ever!!

I think our Christmas tree hunting tradition is here to stay!


  1. Amber Leggio says:

    I love that yall are so intentional as a family. I am so sorry about Eliza!!!! Glad she is on the mend. Merry Christmas Friend. I actually just put up like five or six blog posts. LOL I was behind and I still am. 🙂 Trying to get caught up. Joe’s dad is battling Cancer right now so my motivation level has been down. 🙂

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