She Likes To Eat Soup!

I am often reflecting on Eliza’s life before we entered into it that day in that very hot Civil Affair’s office. There are so many things throughout the day that make me think of her past. Like when she sings the same little song over and over in Chinese….who taught her that? What is she singing? I hope to catch it on video, but usually by the time I get the camera, what I was hoping to catch is over.

I wonder why at night time when it is time for bed and she becomes so upset she is always pointing to her left forearm as she is screaming. What is she trying to tell me? Is she cold? Does it hurt? Did she have some bedtime ritual that I do no know about? It breaks my heart.

I am also brought to tears as I think of the love and training that was poured into this sweet baby by her foster Mama. Eliza was telling us “xie, xie” (thank you) for things we would hand to her the very first hours we had her. She knows things that are not to be touched without ever being told by us, she can dress herself and put on her own shoes, and she can communicate her needs to us calmly with words and sign language. I know without her foster Mama these things would not be happening as easily as they are.

She is coping with all this change SO well. But there are moments that are still very stressful for her, and she has made her own ways to cope. Usually her thumb goes in her mouth, and her forearm over her eyes. Or she will just throw herself down in a heap on the ground and cry. I am thankful that I can hold her in these moments and calm her down pretty quickly these days. Even at bed time if I lay in her room with her she calms down quickly. We are making such great progress.

That day in that hot building we were allowed to ask her caretaker as many questions as we wished. I asked! One of the things we were told was that she loves soup. Any kind of soup! Well, of course she does, because she is OUR daughter now isn’t she?!! This girl loves soup so much that she literally licks her bowl. It is hilarious!!



Eliza also came to us knowing all things electronic. Because I am such a hillbilly who struggles with anything electronic, it strikes me as funny! She will take an old cordless phone that is in our toy tote and try to use it as a “remote” turning on the couch, the window, her brothers…..only because we do not have a TV. She also knows how to use Addie’s kindle (so much so that she erased it completely!), and is constantly trying to swipe things with her pointer finger on my cell phone. I am sure these things were taught in her foster home. Electronics are WAY bigger in China than America, if you can believe that. We cracked up when she also knew how to take a “selfie” with her camera!!


I finished our first month post placement paperwork requirements. We have to turn in a family photo with seven other photos (among other things!) each time…..but this is to your benefit my dear Mom!


This evening Eliza and I went for our daily walk. I loved you Guangzhou, but seriously, is there anywhere better than this?

To my right….

Moms phone August 2014 546

In front of me!

Moms phone August 2014 545

To my left….

Moms phone August 2014 544

You can thank this long post to the fact that my family is processing chickens that were butchered today…and I am proud to say that is something I will NEVER do! (YUCK!) Eliza is happily destroying the office playing at my feet, and I am enjoying a beautiful 70 something degree breeze from the big window next to me. Life is full. Life is so good!!


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