ShaMian Island

In the midst of the limbo we are living in at this moment, we figure it is best to keep as busy as we can and continue whatever “normal” we have here in China. So, that includes an evening post for your morning reading and coffee time!

We enjoyed our trip to ShaMain Island SO much even though the heat index was 110 degrees today, and seriously almost unbearable. We did pretty good by ducking in and out of the air conditioned shops, and by stopping to eat lunch at an air conditioned American style restaurant called Lucy’s. The Island is beautiful, and SO different than downtown Guangzhou. We enjoyed sight seeing, eating (I got a garden fresh salad with lemon as the dressing!!!), and shopping. It was a great day!!


Lunch at Lucy’s!





We bought Eliza some new shoes…..this girl is quite the shopper!



A quick stop for some traditional photos near the statues – except Eliza wanted nothing to do with that!



It has been my prayer that Eliza would bond with Blake before we headed back home to all the kiddos. The progress we are seeing is so fun to watch! She is letting him hold her!! What a blessing to see answers to our prayers!!




This afternoon we started packing up. Not sure how much of it we will unpack again….I guess time will tell! Keep praying!!!!


  1. Connie says:

    So wonderful to see Eliza in Blake’s arms, too!!!
    Praying for good health and safety and especially for that visa to come very soon.

  2. Sandra Endress says:

    Ahhh…the noodle man has won her over! I knew she couldn’t resist for too long!
    I love your new sandals Miss Eliza Claire! You are stylin’ girl!

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