Seven Months of Forever

In the mid-morning hours seven months ago today, we watched expectantly out of our windows….

Tate's Homecoming 005

Watching and waiting, waiting and watching….until we finally saw their car….

Tate's Homecoming 012

And just like that…. I finally, finally got to hold our precious Tate Owen for the very first time.

Tate's Homecoming 032

This precious boy had captured our hearts over seventeen months before, and we had prayed and prayed and prayed for him.

Tate's Homecoming 043

Since that first day home, Tate has filled our home with so much joy.


But bringing a four year old home from a foreign country and all they have ever known does come with many challenges.


There is SO much for Tate to adjust to and learn, and then we added all of the needed medical appointments on top of everything else.


There have been a few times over the last nineteen months for Blake and I both that we have felt defeated….but never once, not even one time, have we questioned the Lord’s calling of our hearts and our complete daily surrender to these two precious children.

They deserve nothing less.


Tate and Eliza both have come SO FAR.

The Lord is healing their hearts, and their physical bodies.


We just simply are not worthy of the blessing of these two precious children of God.


It is Blake and my prayer that we can do right by all of the children the Lord has blessed us with.

It is a HUGE calling, and we do not take it lightly.

It seems so cliché to say it, but I cannot believe Tate has been home seven months!

The time has flown by.

I cannot imagine what the Lord will have in store for the next seven months of Tate’s new forever.

But I do know for certain – what a privilege it will be to be a part of.


  1. Connie says:

    It is hard to believe that he has been home for 7 months already! Both Eliza and Tate are such an extra special blessing from the Lord. It will be wonderful to see how God uses their lives for Him.

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