Seeing Red!!!

Look what the boys brought to me yesterday –


It was SO yummy and sweet!! I think we will be seeing red here by the end of this week!!

We have been busy running around this past week! But Blake and I finished the week with a lovely Friday night date, just the two of us. It has been a nice work day here on the farm today, and we are looking forward to celebrating Blake on Father’s Day tomorrow. The skies look full of rain right now, and we are praying it to be so because we did not spend any time watering today. I smell Mexican yumminess from the kitchen as we are having grilled chicken fajitas with ALL the fixings (thanks, Addie Mae!). Looking forward to a quiet evening at home with people I love!!

Hope your week and weekend have been good too! Happy Father’s Day!!


    • Steph says:

      We do use GF tortillas – they are made with brown rice and are the brand Food For Life. The trick with them is to steam them in a steamer basket, one at a time, for just a minute or two each. This will make them soft, pliable and so they will roll up. I do not eat any grains, so I just get a huge bowl, start with lettuce on the bottom, and pile it high! It is yummy my way too!

  1. Tracy Spenst says:

    We’ve been getting rain most of the day and now tonight. I hope my kitchen gets to “see red” in a couple weeks!

    Happy Father’s Day, Blake! You are a great one!

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