Saturday Stock Up

The weekends. How I love them!

For as long as I can remember, Saturday has been a day where the girls and I spend a large amount of time working in the kitchen.

Which also means lots of good fellowship!

Saturday is our “stock up” day.

Whether it is summer time and we are putting up all the blessings from the gardens,

IMG_2533 - Copy

IMG_2557 - Copy




or cooking down chickens and making chicken stock,


or making granola for our breakfasts,



or soaking and cooking down beans to stock up the freezer or make some hummus,


Saturday is such a great day to stock up!

This Saturday was no exception.

And it was all about nuts!!

I soak our raw nuts over night.


Then I drain and rinse them.



I lay them on dehydrator sheets, and lightly salt them.



I pop them in the dehydrator, and let them run all day. When I walk by the laundry room where the dehydrator is, I here its hum, and will reach in and snitch a nut to see if they are dry enough yet. We like them crunchy!




Soaking nuts and drying them this way really makes them easier to digest – and they are much easier on your gut!


We also soak raw cashews to make “dairy” type things with them.

There are dairy-free alternatives in the stores, but they are full of yucky ingredients and do not really taste that great!

One of our weekly stock ups is cashew sour cream.

We soak the nuts overnight, then in the morning we blend them with water, and then add 1 tsp of probiotic powder.

We let this “sour” on the counter throughout the day.



Just a splash of apple cider vinegar and dash of salt and it is ready to go into a glass jar in the fridge.

It is so yummy! It really looks like sour cream!


Well, I just proofread this post, and now I want to plant our GARDEN!!! Don’t those photos at the top make you want to garden too?!

I am so thankful for the blessing of good food, the blessing of these kiddos and my hubby to cook for, and the blessing of Saturday stocking up! There is a very satisfying feeling when a Saturday is done and there are lots of good healthy things made for the week ahead!

Hope you all enjoy Saturdays too!

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