Saturday Night Tractor Pull!

No, we did not go to a tractor pull here in China…..but the kids back home did! Eliza is napping, and so I am taking a minute to download another e-mail from home. THEY MAKE OUR DAY. I really want to have these memories on the blog too!! Hope you enjoy!!

Going to the dump today- (all 4 amigos in the cab) we were going down Wrobel Rd. and came upon a real deal tractor parade. Seriously. 25-30 collectors tractors joy riding through the Chaseburg country side on a early Saturday morning. The best part, not a one of them was a day under 65 years old. And all their wives were riding in a hay wagon pulled by the first tractor. I was giddy. When I’m old, I wish to have that much fun!

Sat 1

Everyday starts like this- Skype and turns at the blog.

Sat 2

Got Sarah’s shower gifts wrapped up! Had the idea to wrap the one from you, Addie, and Eliza that says “love and hugs from China.”

Sat 3

And the tractor pull. Three boys went to sleep very happy tonight. A very fun and clean family event-

and the pics

Sat 4

Sat 5

Sat 6

Sat 7

Sat 8

After the pull we went to the co-op for an ice cream treat! They sell coconut bliss chocolate bars individually!

sat 9

Good night!

Love love,